Grow With GrinCash.
A cryptocurrency designed for integration.

A Light, Deflationary, & Ecofriendly
Proof of Stake Grin Alternative.


Why GrinCash?

GrinCash is Grin with ecofriendly features such as Masternodes & Proof of Stake to offer instant electronic transactions without the added tax on the environment..

GrinCash enables everyone to make instant electronic transactions globally while also conserving energy. Instead of PoW, GrinCash uses proof of stake to mine blocks. GrinCash also incorpates Masternodes into our blockchain allowing for everyone to earn a consistent stream of income by earning a percentage of the block reward from each mined block.

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GrinCash Features

What makes GrinCash Great!

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Instant Transactions

Payments with GrinCash are instanious, sporting 60 seconds block times and a 6 minute maturation period before coins are spendable.

Cloud Based

Decentralized Developement

GrinCash is not only for the world, but is developed by the world. Anyone, anywhere has the freedom to submit pull request and add beneficial updates to the source code

No transaction fees


With a maximum supply of only 21M GRIN, GrinCash is made sustainable through increasing difficulty and decreasing block rewards.

Instant operations

Decentralized Exchange

The GrinCash Team will be releasing a DEX or Decentralized Exchange for anonymous trading that will offer free listings through governance votes.

Strong teams & Advisors

Community Governed

Grincash's blockchain implements governance that allows the community to have input on all aspects of the Blockchain.

Protects the identity

Trustless Anonymization

The GrinCash blockchain features anonymization through obfuscation. This anonymous transaction mechanism pools transactions and removes traceability.

GrinCash Pre-Sale

GrinCash Presale.

  • Stage 1 Price:

    0.10 USD = 1 GRINC

  • Term of Presale:

    30 days with the possibility of early completion based on hard cap.

  • Total Premine:

    350,000 GRINC

  • Hard Cap:

    300,000 GRINC - 30 Masternodes

  • Adjustable emission:

    All unsold and unallocated GRINC will bе locked and reserved for future allocation.

Pre-Sales Phase 1: $0.10 USD 50,000 GRINC 5 Masternodes
Pre-Sales Phase 2: $0.15 USD 50,000 GRINC 5 Masternodes
Pre-Sales Phase 3: $0.20 USD 50,000 GRINC 5 Masternodes
Pre-Sales Phase 4: $0.25 USD 50,000 GRINC 5 Masternodes
Pre-Sales Phase 5: $0.35 USD 100,000 GRINC 10 MAsternodes

Premine Distribution

GrinCash Roadmap

The Amazing Journey GrinCash Will Undertake.

January - February 2019

Official Launch

In January of 2019 the Grin Cash Mainnet, Official Website, Social Media, & Official Announcement were launched. In the month of February Grin Cash will have completed our crowdsale and listed to coin exchanges.

March - April 2019

Genesis Platform Release

In March of 2019 the GrinCash Project will release it's first of many platforms designed to operate as the ecosystem for the GrinCash coin GRINC. The first planned release is Grinphony, a global and decentralized music sharing platform that allows anyone across the world to showcase their musical talents and earn GrinCash Coins as payment for exclusive content and live digital performances. Performers can also earn tips as their audience and fanbase grows.

May - June 2019

Grinphony Continued Development

In the months leading up to the summer of 2019 we anticipate to have the Grin Cash music platform fully operational and in Open-Beta testing. We will have completed a larger marketing campaign and gathered artist from around the world to host their talents on the Grinphony music & livestreaming platform.

July - August 2019

Decentralized Exchange Development

As we conclude launching development and transition into maintenance mode of the Grinphony platform we will begin secondary development stages of our DEX. During these months we plan to launch a closed Alpha-testing period by our community that will offer us user based advice to better develop both the UI and functionality of the DEX.

September - October 2019

Mass Marketing Campaign

As we continue to develop both of the platforms we have outlined previously. During the months of September and October we plan for a mass marketing & showcasing campaign to include registering as exhibitors for blockchain invents globally, college career day event participation, and unique to platform GrinCash hosted events that will allow for entrants to earn coins and become involved in our community.

November - December 2019

Annual Restructing and Yearly Review

In the ending months of the 2019 calendar year Grin Cash will take time to reflect on our progress and optimize our successes to better serve the project for the following year. We will update our roadmap and provide the community with our plans for continued growth.